Monday, November 30, 2009

Walker On Walker

Chris Walker takes on Scott Walker as a potential governor. You know Chris W. is doing well when he writes this:
But make no mistake: a state managed by Scott Walker would be a horrible disaster.
and then ends with this:
If Walker wins the gubernatorial election next fall, can we trust that he'll understand what his vetoes will entail at the state level? He's already proven that he can't be trusted with the veto powers in a county government setting. So what assurances do we have that he'll be able to handle that responsibility, much less others, as governor?

Wisconsin doesn't need an irresponsible leader running its highest office. It also doesn't need the politics of Tea Party protesters, or Reaganomics, or Sarah Palin running it either. What it needs is a leader who understands the problems that Wisconsin citizens are facing, who understands how to help people directly, not through helping corporate interests. Scott Walker is not that leader