Saturday, February 13, 2010

Making Wisconsin Proud

While looking up something for a different post, I came across these from the last two, three days:
  • A guy in Manitowoc was charged with hiding a corpse. Odds are murder charges will be forthcoming,
  • A guy in Green Bay is convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend's puppy by putting it in a hot oven,
  • A guy in Fond du Lac likes horses too much,
  • A guy from Winneconne killed his girlfriend's two cats,
  • Another reason not to eat hot dogs. Do you know what they put in those things?
  • Rory Kuenzi, the thug that tormented and killed the deer in Waupaca County last year, is now up for hit and run charges. Of course, he pled not guilty.
  • Some company in the Oshkosh area has $6000 to waste on a billboard complaining about how bad business is and that President Obama should be impeached. If you have that much money to throw away to complain about how bad your business is, your business isn't do that badly. But the best line was from the attorney representing the company, defending the billboard which reads "Impeach Obama" who said:
    "Wroblewski says despite the billboard's language, he's not suggesting Obama committed an impeachable offense."
What the hell is going on these days? The winter has been relatively mild in the state, so cabin fever can't be an excuse. With nut jobs like these, the tourism people have their jobs cut out for them to try to get people to want to come here.


  1. The sign costs $1K/month.

    The sign was paid for by the attorney you cite.

    Work with the facts, Capper...

  2. I am working with the facts, from a real news source:

    An unnamed company paid for the ad. Lawyer Tom Wroblewski represented them.

    Nice try though.

  3. You mean that the Oshkosh TV station which reported the story , and whose facts I relayed here, is wrong?

    Try Channel 11/Oshkosh

  4. Channel 11 is Green Bay, and it is a Fox affiliate. Need I say more. MJS is reporting a business repped by said atty as well.

  5. Another bunch of ignorant folks here:

    I'm sure that Rush owns the newspaper.