Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Walker's Brown Bag Of Hypocrisy

Scott Walker has started a newly rehashed campaign gimmick that he is calling the Brown Bag Movement in which he has three talking points:
  • Don't spend more than you have
  • Smaller government is better government
  • People create jobs, not government
While the County is supposed to be leading is crumbling down around our ears, Walker jumped to action by going on yet another state-wide campaign promoting this silly and hypocritical campaign gimmick.

He started this tour de farce in Green Bay, where you can see in his campaign picture, the crowd is less than enthused:

In fact, they look like they are bored out of their skulls and are only sitting through Walker's spiel because they were told to by their boss. Even more telling is the news video that his campaign has commandeered for their purposes. In it you will see there are empty seats and that many of the workers just aren't buying the stuff he is trying to sell them:

But let us look at his three points and how hypocritical he really is.

Don't Spend More Than You Have

This is really an ironic point for Walker to start out with, considering that his most recent budget for Milwaukee County has three years worth of capital spending in it, based on money that the County is getting from the ARRA funding that he has said he was against.

It is even more ironic considering that the 2010 County budget he proposed was based on $32 million that he didn't have and was not likely to get.

Smaller Government Is Better Government

This is another talking point Walker would have been smarter to have left alone. While there is no doubt that Walker has fully pledged himself to the Grover Norquist theory of ineffective leadership, Walker is a walking, breathing example of pure ineptness.

Walker had shrunk the Income Maintenance Program, during the beginning of the recession, to the point that the state had to come in and take over to save the tax payers from a Walker-induced class action lawsuit.

Then there is also the fact that Walker had abolished the Economic Development Division in his administration, and then wondered why the County was unable to sell any of its properties and had to call on Tom Barrett and the City of Milwaukee to help them out with places like the Park East Corridor. Walker's administration got so bad that even the Walker-friendly Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had to call him out on his utter failure.

People Create Jobs, Not Government

Walker claims that government does not create jobs, but that was only mere months after he bragged about using stimulus money to create jobs in his "Milwaukee Works" program.

And speaking of stimulus, Michael Rosen had recently pointed out how Walker and the Walker-friendly daily paper were dead wrong in claiming that the stimulus was not working in improving the job situation.

Again, reality comes up to repeated smack Walker in the face.

Even to the casual observer, Walker's hypocrisy and out-right lying is no surprise. He has been that way since he was at Marquette University. It is the way of the beast with Walker.

I just wonder how much longer the media is going to continue to give him a pass before they call him out on his antics.


  1. I also wonder when the media is going to ask why he is campaigning in Green Bay in the middle of the day while he is still supposed to be Milwaukee County Exec.

    Then again, maybe it's better he's not in Milwaukee....

  2. The problem is Walker is such a train wreck that he causes us problems no matter where he is.

  3. The County is crumbling and on the verge of insolvency because both Walker and the County Board of easily duped Stupor-visors decided to fix our payroll human resource system with the Ceridian payroll human resource system. The result, over twenty million dollars of taxpayer dollars spent on this albatross with the system still broke and not functioning properly. All payroll is done by hand instead of automated like Ceridian was supposed to do at twice the amount of time and labor as the former Genesis system. The entire software had to be rewritten at tremendous cost by SYSLOGIC. In fact SYSLOGIC is still getting contract extensions to fix this debacle. Why don't you hear about Ceridian? Because the County Board is equally culpable in this boondoggle. In 2008 many people signed a petition asking for a forensic audit of the Ceridian system and its related costs to date. All that was received in return was a snub letter from Chairman Holloway. If the truth came out about Ceridian, a lot of politicians including Walker would be looking for new jobs for this incompetent fleecing of the taxpayers and their tax dollars. As far as I know, only Supervisor Weishan spoke out against Ceridian and did not vote for it. But why should anyone listen to Supervisor Weishan since Walker & Co. have him pegged as a left of center politician. I still cannot understand why the news media and public have refused to do an expose on this outright scandal that is the biggest reason the County is imploding today. The biggest irony in all of this is that if you look at the word "accountability" you will find it contains the word "county", what a joke that is.

  4. I concur with K. Talk about hemorraging taxpayer money. Twenty million could have gone a long way to balance the books. Thats approx. 4000$ per employee, and it still isn't working well.
    There's Walker's crowning achievement. The Spruce Goose of payroll systems. Next time you have jury duty and have to use your museum pass to use the bathroom remember to stop and thank Scott.

  5. Walker is right on one thing. County government would be better if it was smaller. It just needs to get rid on one person. Guess who?

  6. You must put the cart before the horse. Where would Milwaukee County be under Ament after a few years of pension payouts?

    Walker could raise taxes but he won't. You might ask yourselves what makes a county successful? Like Bexar, Travis, and other growing counties. It ain't rocket science.

    I remember when Milwaukee was a growing area like the aforementioned counties. What happened? Was it business leaving the area for the fun of relocating or was there something else?

  7. Where would Milwaukee County be under Ament after a few years of pension payouts?

    We had the pay outs and survived. What we are having problems with right now is the fact that Walker is building up a large deficit by not funding the pension fund adequately.