Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hey, Scott Walker, Stop Insulting Our Intelligence!

Yesterday, I pointed out an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which covered the fact that Scott Walker did not want the economy to start improving in Wisconsin.

Buried way down near the bottom of said article was this snippet:

Walker also said Thursday that he would take his seventh annual motorcycle ride around Wisconsin May 15-20 to promote Milwaukee-area tourism. Last year, he did 120 interviews on the trek, riding from town to town on his own Harley-Davidson motorcycle and leading a group of other motorcycle riders.

This year's trek comes a month earlier and puts it just ahead of the state Republican Party convention, which runs May 21-23 in Milwaukee. Walker said he moved this year's bike trip because it got too hot during last year's ride.

Critics have charged that Walker's Harley ride is a thinly veiled campaign trip aimed at raising his profile with voters around the state. Walker says the event is all about hyping Milwaukee, not his political fortunes.

Walker's 2009 motorcycle trip was paid for largely through a $2,800 sponsorship by AirTran airlines. Earlier trips were paid for with county funds.

As my dear, departed mother would say, "I believe you Scooter, even if 100,000 others don't."

Just who does he think he is kidding with this? He's done this tax payer-funded campaign ride for six years and he is just finding out now that it is "too hot?" And since when is the end of June hot? Furthermore, while I don't ride a motorcycle myself, it is my understanding that people prefer the warmer weather for riding, since one rides out in the open with a 60-70 mph wind in your face.

Maybe his is just trying to push the date up so that he can get it in before the Ethics Board ever gets around to ruling about last year's ethics violations.

For the sake of argument, let's say he had a legitimate beef about the temperature, even though we all know he is so full of it that he has brown eyes. Why did he choose to move it to just before the GOP convention? I can't imagine anyone, even Aaron Rodriguez or Charlie Sykes, who can't see through this crap and try to say otherwise with a clean conscious.

But if he wants to move it, fine. Let him have his bike ride in late October or even early November. It's not like he will be doing anything then, and it will take the sting out watching Neumann lose to Barrett in the election.


  1. Umm, maybe State issues also effect County issues?

  2. What does that have to do with Walker blatantly campaigning on the County tax payer's dime, and then lying about it?

  3. Try promoting the county by manning up and riding Milwaukee iron in the summer. Guess he won't be making Sturgis.. Sad

  4. Is he sponsored by AirTran again? You know, a company that could get added or fewer gates at the Milwaukee Airport based on recommendations by... Scott Walker and his adminstration?

    Another great example of IOKIYAR. If there's one DIME of campaign funds being used for it, a lawsuit is in order, sicne that's exactly what the caucus scandal was about.