Friday, February 19, 2010

While Milwaukee County Burns...

The news, as I have been saying all along, was bound to get worse for Milwaukee County and its citizens. And so it has.

Scott Walker is sending his minions out in about three weeks to deliver lay off notices to 26 parks workers and 29 employees in public works.

On top of that, Walker wants to add anywhere from three to ten days of furloughs, but only for AFSCME workers. That violates two labor laws, targeting a specific group and changing the legal status of full time employees. I would not be surprised to see another costly lawsuit for county tax payers as they are forced to pay for Walker's mistakes.

Also the glitch of the pension system wasn't a glitch, and those new privatized janitorial crews at the courthouse are really cleaning up, but not the floors or the bathrooms.

All that can be found at Milwaukee County First.

But where's Walker has this is falling down around our ears. Well, he isn't here to share our pain or try to rectify his blunders. He is in Florida schmoozing up to the special interests. We know how expensive road building is, thanks to TOMMY!!! Imagine how bad things would get if Walker were able to buy his way into the governor's chair.


  1. What is that image supposed to be?

  2. Walker is incompetent. Period. The only reason why he has certain supporters is because they think they will have connections if he wins. hubby had to get something from the courthouse the other day and something that should have taken about 30 minutes max took over 2 hours. There was only one person working in this particular county department and about 15 people lined up waiting.

    I suppose Walker doesn't feel our time is important and that he can waste it by not staffing the departments properly.

  3. Aaron, that is simply Milwaukee County crumbling apart under Walker's incompetence and/or malfeasance.