Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Walker Suffers From Job Envy

Aaron Rodriguez has one of his usual out of touch with reality posts singing the praises of Scott Walker. He ends his fawning drivel with this:
More interestingly, Walker took a swipe at his Democrat opponent Tom Barrett - aka "Tommy the Taxer". After the brief qualification that Tom is a nice guy, Walker noted that a first term for Barrett is no different than a third term for Doyle. And why not? Both have a history of raising taxes; both have a history of increased spending; and both have a history of being antagonistic or obstructive to businesses. So it's truly debatable in the minds of critics if Barrett would be a worse executive than Doyle. Wisconsin voters really need to take time and evaluate whether it's worth taking a risk on Barrett and possibly plunge from the 7th worst in the nation for doing business to the absolute worst.
This is a rather nice example of how desperate and hypocritical Walker and his supporters really are.

Just yesterday, Tom Barrett gave his State of the City address, and announced a new company coming in that will create 270 jobs. And this is on top of all of the other businesses that Barrett has brought into Milwaukee.

Meanwhile, Walker can't name one business he brought to the County. In fact, not only has Walker not brought jobs to Milwaukee, but he actively opposes the things that the business leaders want.

On top of that, Barrett has a balanced budget for the city, while Walker still has a $20 million hole that he built into his budget. This will lead to drastic cuts in county-provided services which will have an effect on all of us, directly or indirectly.

I will stick with the candidate that has a proven track record instead of one who has only a one-track mind, with a train that is derailed.


  1. hey Capper,
    you wrote: "This will lead to drastic cuts in county-provided services which will effect all of us, directly or indirectly."
    it should be "affect" not "effect"

  2. Capper,

    You know well that Barrett didn't elicit those jobs. Perhaps you can do the research and find the real reason why Ingeteam found Milwaukee palatable?

  3. Anonymous-



    The Milwaukee 7, which Barrett has a major role on (Co-Chair, I believe) did a lot in wooing them here. If you're referring to the work ethic of Milwaukeeans, well, that is only possible because leaders like Barrett made it possible for them to show this. Whereas Walker has only tried to stymie this.

    What do you think of Walker's proposals today? Are you OK with the tax hikes that would come with them?

  4. Chris,

    You know that Walker didn't offer tax increases. He said that if all other options that he proposed were shut down, he would have to consider a sales tax increase. In other words, if liberals made such a stink and blocked his cost-savings proposals for the county, he would have consider some way to balance the budget.

  5. Aaron,

    We have seen how Walker's "cost-savings" techniques have worked already. We are now paying an extra $5 million for Foodshare services because he saved money to the point that the State had to take over. We have made over a million dollars extra for the privatized security at the mental health complex. Now the food service that he privatized is way over budget. He wasted $20 million on Ceridian, and we have the equipment just laying in a basement storage area because they don't work right.

    His grandstanding would only cost us more if he is allowed to carry through with them.