Friday, February 26, 2010

Returning To Serb Hall

Almost two years ago, when I was still working for Jay, I wrote about the death of Serb Hall. At the time, Serb Hall was under new management, and the knob they had hired did his darned best to drive the business into the ground. It was a crying shame to see the biggest and the best fish fry in Milwaukee fall apart like that.

Last year, I wrote about how the Board of Directors had finally had enough and had gotten rid of the twerp. They brought in another new manager who returned the quality of the food and the service back to its former high levels. Unfortunately, it did not seem that the numbers were coming back. Sadly, they laid our friend off due to the lack of business shortly after I wrote that, and without her there, we started going elsewhere for our fix of fried fish.

Last week, I received a call from our friend, who told us that she was going back to work, at least for the Lenten season. With our friend's return, we returned as well.

The quality of the food and the service was still up to snuff and everything was very enjoyable. However, I was sad to see that even though they've been back to their usual high standards, the number of diners was still way down, especially for it being Lent. Well, as long as our friend is working, we will be glad to go there, although I've discovered that I've become addicted to the potato pancakes at the Venice Club.

Another highlight of the night was getting to see Mayor Tom Barrett again. It was his first public appearance since having another surgery on his hand, which was injured when he intervened on behalf of a woman and her grandchild who were being threatened by a drunken thug. Barrett looked good and told me (and about every of the other scores of well-wishers) that his hand is doing well. My wife and I even had a chance to get our picture taken with the future governor.

The low point was when I got home and realized that I missed seeing my friend Michael Mathias, who was also there.


  1. Nice to see Serb Hall is doing better. My guess is that most restaurants are in the same boat.
    BTW, i love your anti-union advertisement your site.

  2. I think you should click on it. That one and click on the Scott Walker for Governor one. Do it several times in fact, because I understand it keeps changing.