Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun With Trolls

Had this little exchange on Twitter pointed out to me earlier tonight. It is betweent @Battiestgrrl (the woman of the manifesto fame) and a troll named @votegun
@Battiestgrrl:  Dihydrogen Monoxide WILL help the Dems #flipthesenate.  Make sure to smuggle some to campaign offices for canvassers. #wiunion #wirecall 
@votegun:   (At)Battiestgrrl DHMO is a terrorist threat and you should be reported to homeland security your[sic] sick.
For information on Dihydrogen Monoxide, please visit


  1. "Mama always says, stupid is as stupid does." Wow... Smell the stupid...

  2. HAHA! Someone bit.

  3. Oh so, so, so beautiful. If I didn't know whom @votegun was would have thought the account a troll parody rather than a real troll.