Thursday, September 4, 2008

The People Will Get To Be Heard

Good news came out of the Milwaukee County Courthouse today. The Milwaukee County Board worked up enough fortitude to override Scott Walker's attempt to suppress the voices of Milwaukee County citizens.

Whether the people of Milwaukee County decide to preserve mass transit and the parks, and give themselves a tax break, or if they want to help Walker finish off the County in his run for governor, at least the people will finally have a say in the matter.

In related news, County Supervisor Lynne Debruin, who voted the wrong way on the referendum issue, showed more common sense than Walker in cautioning her peers from blindly passing Walker's iffy pension bond gimmick.


  1. @capper It's true but now we need to make sure the referendum actually passes.

  2. Dave-

    Without a doubt. Look for upcoming news regarding this, and similar topics.

  3. I'm sure that Barrett's announcement of higher "fees"--and the wheel tax--will inspire City of Milwaukee residents to self-impose additional taxes!

    Which will allow non-Milwaukee residents to draw the obvious conclusion.