Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Did McCain Suspend His Campaign?

McCain claims he suspended his campaign to go to Washington D.C. to "help" with the financial crises that Bush and his congressional allies have brought down on this great country.

Well, he didn't really. But it does make good fodder for the comedians.

Anywho, why did McCain feel like he needed to suspend his campaign, even if he really thought he had something useful to contribute to the discussion?

He could have and should have had his running mate run the campaign while he did his grandstanding in D.C. After all, he did pick her to run the country if he were to suddenly become unable to do so himself. But he doesn't trust her to run his campaign?

Is it because he recognized she is distinctly unqualified and unfit to run his campaign, much less the country?

Or is he just a sexist?

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