Monday, October 13, 2008

Election News From The Northern Land

Despite the right wing meme that Obama doesn't relate to the country folk, I am glad to report that in the area of me northern castle, which lies in the shadow of the GOP's breeding ground, otherwise known as the Fox Valley, there are at least as many, if not more, Obama yard signs as there are McCain yard signs.

I realize that yard signs don't vote, but the people that put them on their lawns do. What is funny is that many of the McCain signs were in front of empty fields or forested regions. Read into it what you will.

I also saw this Kagen ad on the local TV stations up there:

I thought it to be a pretty powerful ad, and also probably helps explain why Kagen enjoys such a large lead over Gard at the moment.


  1. I was in Oconto County for the week and amazed at how many Obama signs were up there. I wasn't surprised at the wall-to-wall ads on TV, all negative, which had the six-year old saying "you're John McCain and I'm tired of this message."

  2. Smart child you have there, Michael.