Sunday, October 19, 2008

Friends of the Realm

I have a special place in my heart for my 2.3 readers. But now one of them have excelled to an even higher rank of esteem in my eyes.

Blogger has come up with a new gimmick they call "Following", which allows a blogger to put a widget on their sidebar that allows fans of their blog to publicly show support for the blog.

Last week when I came back from a long weekend, I found a new icon on my dashboard that I was not familiar with. It turned out that this one brave soul had the courage to publicly state that they read Cognitive Dissidence.

After musing it over for a week, I thought I might as well put it on the site, and see if I can gain a higher readership, like 3.7, or do I dare hope, 5.4 readers.

My only criticism is that they call it "followers." To me, that seems to be rather condescending. Even though I am a great King, I do not have followers, nor do I want any. But instead, I would humbly offer an invite to any of my readers to become a Friend of the Realm instead. This invitation would also include my conservative friends, of course.

It is supposed to make it easier to read my words of wit and wisdom from your dashboard, if you use blogger.

Most importantly, I am looking forward to meeting more friends. One can never have too many.

To join, please just find the icon in the sidebar, title Friends of the Realm, and click on "Follow this blog."

And let me thank you now for your support and friendship, and welcome you as a friend.


  1. When the Obamamamamama King and Lord takes over, the LAST thing you want is electronic linx with ME.

  2. capper, I was already "following" you through Google Reader, but I'd be happy to follow you publicly if it'll boost your self-esteem :P

  3. Following.

    Isn't that just another word for stalking? ;0

    And Zach. The last thing Capper needs to boost his self esteem are stalkers!

    Right Cap? :)

  4. Dad,

    I am a mental health professional, and if you wish, I could help you with your Obamanoia.

    Thanks, Zach. It's always good to have friends. Now to find out who the .3 reader is (maybe it's Daddio).


    I let you here, don't I? ;) I'll take any attention I can get. It's that fragile male ego thing.

  5. Bill, you know I am always proud of our friendship. And now I got my own fuzzy bear on the site!

    But 'tis a mixed blessing for sure, because you screwed up my spiel of 2.3 readers, ya big lunker. ;)