Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Collin Roth is Bored

By Jeff Simpson

Now that the extremist Republicans are in complete control of the state, and every right wing nut who helped on the election(and is unemployable in a real job) has been given wingnut welfare by Right Wisconsin to pay the bills until the next election.  

With so many wingnuts employed there, there is not much to do so Collin Roth is obviously bored. If he wasn't, he would not write such an incredibly stupid story as he wrote today,

.  And somehow this argument is all in service of the kids.Adults can disagree about policy. But the teachers union should stop hiding behind children.

  Sorry I would have pulled another quote but the rest of the story was even more ridiculous than this.   It also was loaded with a bunch of pictures of kids with "protect our schools" signs.  

I know that research is not something that is expected at Right Wisconsin, and I also know that there is no reason for people to look at the school choice Wisconsin facebook page, but if he actually did do any of that, he would find  ---

But then that would take some actual work.   The difference though between kids protesting for public schools and kids protesting for the privateers is that the kids who testify for them, do it during school hours.   It is not like they are learning anyway.

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