Friday, June 5, 2015

Missouri Now Better Than Wisconsin

It saddens me to see stories like this and to think where we might have been if we had an intelligent, responsible governor:
See? Gov. Nixon may not be the most progressive Democrat in the county, but he's Democrat enough to veto this bill. Elections do matter!
Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed a measure Thursday that would have made Missouri the 26th right-to-work state, and it's unclear whether proponents will be able to muster enough support in the Republican-led Legislature to override the veto.

The governor, a longtime opponent of the effort, traveled to the Kansas City area to announce the veto among local United Auto Workers union members near a Ford assembly plant. The bill would have barred workplace contracts that require all employees- even those who aren't union members - to pay union fees.

Most of the Missouri's eight neighboring states already have right-to-work laws; the only two that don't are Illinois and Kentucky. Republican legislators and governors in the Midwestern states Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin all enacted right-to-work laws in the past three years.

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