Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gableman Backs Down

On Tuesday morning, I wrote at Cog Dis and Crooks & Liars about how Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman wanted to revisit an appeal by former Walker aide Kelly Rindfliesch. Rindfleisch was convicted of doing illegal politicking while working for Scott Walker when he was Milwaukee County Executive.

I also pointed out that Gableman's unprecedented request was a huge conflict of interest.

In what I am sure is pure coincidence, Gableman rescinded his request on Tuesday afternoon:
Justice Michael Gableman last week took the unusual step of asking his colleagues to reconsider that decision and take up her appeal. But on Tuesday, Gableman withdrew his request.


In a letter to attorneys in the case, Gableman noted that Rindfleisch still had that other avenue of appeal. He didn't address the question of whether he also lacked support among his fellow state justices for his request.

"Her appeal is now pending before the United States Supreme Court where, among other things, she will have the benefit of review by the entire court," Gableman wrote of Rindfleisch. "I believe that is the better course of action at this time, and therefore withdraw my motion."
Now Scott Walker and his dark money supporters are going to have to find a new way to kill off the John Doe investigation if they don't want it raising its ugly head while Walker is running for president. Because, let's face it, if they can't do their illegal collaboration and buy elections, what chance do these fools stand in a fair election?


  1. Gableman's intervention in the matter of Rindfleisch would be a conflict of interest, and demand his recusal, only if it SERVED his interest to intervene in Rindfleisch's case...

    ... but that intervention clearly has only drawn him hostile attention and the potential for prosecution on the basis of corruption; as this did NOT serve his interest, he withdrew his request.

    Therefore, the original intervention cannot have been a conflict of interest or required his recusal after all!

    And by inexorable logic, he'd be clear if he went ahead and made the same request again!

    (But, being clear, THEN he could serve his own interest...)

  2. When you are bought and paid for and you know you are merely chattel you shut up and do what you are told to do.