Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Scott Walker - Homeschool Hero

By Jeff Simpson 

There is a story today on the Daily Beast about Scott Walker's Homeschool army.  

Perhaps more than any other 2016er, Walker is consistent and vocal in acknowledging that homeschooling is a valid form of education—and this support could pay huge political dividends in the Republican primary.
He mentioned it in his 2015 budget address, in his 2014 State of the State speech, in his 2015 inaugural address, and all over the campaign trail, as well as at Gov. Rick Scott’s invite-only event in Disney last week for business power brokers.
This is by design.
In an exclusive Q&A with The Daily Beast, Walker expressed deep affection and support for parents who teach their kids at home.
The governor’s relationship with the homeschool community is complex, and—given his presidential ambitions—extremely important.

Even though homeschooling is not the place to get a good education, Scott Walker cares much more about Scott Walker's career than your child's education, so he will continue courting homeschoolers.

However, there was one paragraph in this story that really stood out.  

    Homeschool families have long been a political force in the all-important Iowa Caucus. They helped propel former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee to a surprise win there in 2008 and were heavily courted by Iowa Caucus winner Rick Santorum in 2012.

Yes President Huckabee and President Santorum should be able to give Mr. Walker some very good advice on how to take an Iowa Caucus win, and a homeschool army all the way to the White House!


  1. Again a cheap shot at homeschooling?

    Wisconsin has one of the best homeschooling laws in the country, largely due to the efforts of parents working together in the Wisconsin Parents Association. For decades, WPA has defended the freedom to homeschool (the choice of a small minority of parents). The latest threat comes from a "homeschooler" legislator who took it upon himself to insert in the budget a policy opening public school sports to participation from homeschoolers, including his kids. WPA OPPOSES homeschoolers taking part in public school sports programs and has fought against it for years. WPA also opposes another policy slipped into the budget, giving state recognition to homeschool diplomas.

    Please don't assume or imply that homeschoolers are right-wing, Scott Walker supporters. That's offensive (dog-whistle-territory) to me and other parents who chose homeschooling for a variety of valid reasons, AND protested Act 10 at the Capitol, AND worked hard to recall Scott Walker, AND don't want "help” from Scott Walker and this "homeschooler” legislator.

    Perhaps inadvertently, you legitimize the voice of an isolated homeschooler-legislator (which confirms your stereotype) over the combined voice of hundreds of parents in WPA, the state homeschooling association (which defies your stereotype).

    More nuance, please!

  2. Yeah it works out so well.......ask all the high school drop out that home school their kids......