Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Private School Profiteer "Burger" Contest.

By Jeff Simpson

Republican front runner, Jeb BUSH recently held a "Bush, Burgers and Beers" Contest.   Of course the term contest, should be used very lightly as the winner of the contest was Wisconsin's own School Privatizating snake oil salesman - Zues Rodriguez.  

When you figure privatizing schools an important issue to the Republican base, and then realize that of all the entries, the one he picked was one of the most recognizable school profiteers in WI - Zeus Rdriguez.    Then loyal readers of CogDis member that Zeus has bigger ideas to expand his bank account, you realize that this "contest" was a great way to match these two men's ambitions up.  

It is a good way for Jeb BUSH, to take a shot at Scott Walker in his home state and let the privatizers know that he is still on their side.    It also makes Zeus pick a side and if (by some unGodly scenario spawned in Hades), Jeb BUSH happens to win, he will owe Zeus a favor.   What a coincidence, Zeus wants to expand in Texas.  

Ambition meet ambition and mix in a bit of dirty politics and you have the perfect "contest" winner, while Scott Walker(Jeb's competitiion)  ends up being the loser.   

The question is, will the Republicans in WI punish Zeus for turning on Mr. Walker? 

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