Monday, August 29, 2016

The Assassination Code

By Jeff Simpson 

We recently went through a time where The Donald ever so slightly, walked up to the edge of calling for the assassination of Hillary Clinton but once he showed his cards, he stopped because he got his message across.  

As George Lakoff points out, Trump did not accidentally say anything or get close to the line.  The Donald knew exactly what he was saying all along.   

Why bring that up again?   Because Mr. Trump is not part of the alt-right like our friends on the right keep trying to pass him off to be.    As our friends at and Jimmy Wigderson show us, The Donald is very much part of mainstream GOP and not the only one who can call for an assassination of their political enemies.   

See Jim wrote a story about Tony Evers, who recently gave a State of the State of education speech to a forum on public education in Wauwatosa. In his speech, Superintendent Evers pointed out some of the pratfalls and problems of ACT10.   

No one is allowed to criticize ACT10 and James Wigderson sent that message loud and clear:

 Photo by James Wigderson
GET YOUR GUN: Superintendent Evers on competition for teachers: “It’s the wild west out there.”

There is Superintendent Evers - fellas GET YOUR GUNS!

No sooner did Wigs put that up online, and some of his followers heard the dog whistle.  

Poaching teachers? After the way they disgraced themselves protesting I suppose it was inevitable but honestly I didn't even know there was a season on 'em. Is there a bag limit? Is it gun only or bow too? Can we still bait 'em with Walker signs? It worked in Jefferson.

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      Black powder? Can disabled use a crossbow? Curious minds want to know so they can make hunting trip plans.
      Wonder if I can talk JJ Watt into inviting some Texans fans (aka me) back to WI for hunting season. ;-)

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          As far as I know crossbows are legal for deer and the teachers aren't near as dear as deer.
          I'm not sure about the black powder though. Not that there would be an issue with muzzle loaders or in-lines but I'm not sure we can refer to it as "black" powder any more.
          Giving this season more thought it occurs to me that bore spears would be appropriate.

        This was such a good discussion on the article of shooting teachers in WI that it is still up on the website.   I guess that, considers the duties of their "education reporter" to include calling for the assassination of elected officials who they disagree with.   

         What is ironic, is Watchdogs mission:’s mission is to restore oversight of our state governments, to hold politicians and bureaucrats at all levels accountable for their handling of taxpayers’ dollars and to promote innovative solutions to public policy challenges.  

        I am guessing there will be no retraction, apology or firing of Mr. Wigderson, throwing the accountability part of their mission right out the door.   Secondly its not an innovative solution to how to get rid of a Democratic elected official they can not beat at the ballot box, because we saw The Donald beat him to that idea!