Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Great White Con

By Jeff Simpson

By now you have probably heard that The Donald made another appearance in Wisconsin. This time he came here for a reason, Mr. Trump came here to make a plea to African American Voters that he was the right one for them to vote for.

"I'm asking for the vote of every African-American citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different and much better future,
The problem with Mr. Trumps speech, was he came here to address African Americans and did it from the safe haven of 99% white West Bend.  The area that has given us not on Bob Gannon (R-Grand Wizard), but also sent Glenn Grothman (R-Mommys Basement) to Washington DC.   I know Louie Gohmert has been lonely but we did not need to send him his spirit animal.  Anyway I digress.....

The venue was so white that even Scott Walker, Reince Priebus and Sean Duffy (R-Stripper) felt safe enough to actually show their faces.  Realizing the room was so white, they had to wear shades, they all jumped on and took their turns Trumpeting Trump.

As we know here in COGDIS land there is more, there is always more.

While Trump came to West Bend to court the African American vote.....(let that simmer for just a bit).....Trump also had another objective.   The Donald wanted to show his support for the police officers in wake of the mess over the weekend in Milwaukee.

As if irony was not already flowing like beer at a Bill Kramer grope party, Donald, with a completely straight face added to it.   The Donald chose someone who was the target of TWO(thats one more than one for the RW subscribers), criminal investigations introduce him to give a speech about following the law.

Yes, we have sources that have told us you could see the irony from the Space Station.

However amazing the speeches were to the sparse monochromatic crowd, they did not seem to get it.
"People up here don't really care about what's going on in Milwaukee," said Jared Gagnon-Palick of West Bend, as he stopped to buy a Trump button in the parking lot after the rally.
  1. "I grew up in Milwaukee, and I moved here to get away from all the crime with three little kids," he said.
PSSS...Jared  ixnay on the hiteway lightfay.... at least until after election day.

But wait there is more....The Trump/Walker/Duffy/Grothman fantastic four reached this guy

Jack Beck, 65, a retired bricklayer who lives in West Bend, said he planned to vote for Mr. Trump and did not blame him for making a low-key stop in Milwaukee, given the city’s racial tensions.
“Every night in Milwaukee, there is someone being shot, and they make nothing of that until a cop is involved, and then all of a sudden it’s always blamed on the cop,” said Mr. Beck, who added that he hoped West Bend’s black population would not increase. He tied much of the unrest in Milwaukee to his belief that black residents do not want to work hard and instead want to use police killings to get  handouts from the government.

“If somebody is killed, they think we owe them something,” Mr. Beck said. “I don’t want to seem racist or nothing, but the black heritage has been raised in a certain way that there’s no incentive to get out and work, because all of a sudden you have five kids and there are no dads around.”
Look for Jack Beck to play a major part in the Trump candidacy next time he fires half his staff.

I will be sure to tell my incredibly skilled, African American surgeon that his Heritage makes him lazy and he should "get out and work"...again I digress....

The great thing about Donald Trump is, there is no longer need for dog whistles.  As Mr Duffy says, Donald Trump is always right!

The only real problem that the fabulous four ran into was by the time the event was over, the souvenir stands had been picked through of all the good stuff!

If this is the African American  outreach of the Republican Party they should be ripe for the picking in November!   I wonder if they can find an even whiter area for the next time trump comes back to Wisconsin!  

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