Monday, August 8, 2016

A Tale of Two Pauls

By Jeff Simpson

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump was in Green Bay on Friday, where he rad off a prepared statement his undying love for Paul Ryan.

After tweeting a quick thank you to Paul Ryan's challenger, Paul Nehlen, Reince and his thugs put so much pressure on Donald Trump to make sure the democratic process was not allowed to play out within the Republican party.

The irony of course was not lost on observers as they noticed it was mandatory that Trump endorse Paul Ryan, while Ryan, Scott Walker and Ron Johnson(and most other Republicans in WI), were busy washing their hair and refused to attend.

At least Reince and Rocky Suhayda are on the exact same page this election!

As I have pointed out, the Right is running scared, and desperate to keep the career politician from having to find an actual job.   It has even led Jimmy Wigderson to care about racism and bigotry for the first time in his life!

However, for every crazy thing Paul Nehlen says, Paul Ryan has "Trumped" him.  Paul Nehlen wants to discuss deporting Muslims and Paul Ryan wants to kill me.   Paul Nehlen is worried that ISIS is crossing our open borders, Paul Ryan ran a meeting the day President Obama was inaugurated, to come up with the plan to obstruct every thing he planned on doing, no matter how small, thus doing ISIS work for them.  

The reality is, while Paul Nehlen has always backed Mr. Trump, so has Paul Ryan.   When Mr. Trump spoke in Green Bay, Mr. Nehlen tried to attend and the WISGOP actually kicked him out(let that sink in for a minute).   Which is really surprising since Mr. Nehlen is Caucasian!

That brought to a total of one, that was kicked out of the Trump event(the crime being participating in our democratic process).   Let's take a look at a couple of people who made it in with no problems!

Courtesy Jessie Opoien:

                                        #thot #thathooverthere

                                       Hillary Clinton is Satan and Trump is here for the cure.

                                      If only Hillary's husband had violently murdered her.   This guy follows Trump all over the US, and has zero problems getting into his events.

The Trump Rallies are very inclusive of hate, fear and violence!

August 9th is OUR opportunity to send Paul Ryan to the unemployment line, like he has sent so many others in his district too.    Democrats in the Congressional District 1 can make a huge difference in the future of our country by crossing over and voting against Paul Ryan and voting for Paul Nehlen!  

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  1. The Democrats outside of southern Milwaukee County. In that part, they need to vote Dem to keep Chisholm as DA over the Koch puppet.

    But the rest of the district? Go for it. As you mentioned, Nehlen may be more honest in his racism, but Purty Mouth Pau-lie Ryan is more than OK with turning hate on "others." And I bet Nehlen wouldnt sell out Medicare and Social Security to Wall Street