Friday, August 5, 2016

WISGOP Develops A Sudden Case of Mass Trumpphobia

Just a couple, three weeks ago, Wisconsin's top three Republican office holders - Lyin' Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson and Scott Walker - traveled to Cleveland to pay homage and swear fealty to their wigged overlord, Donald Trump.

On Friday, Trump and his sidekick, Mike Pence, are coming to Green Bay for an event. However, all three Republicans who just pledged their support has suddenly become afraid of Trump and are fleeing before him:
Walker, Ryan and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson are all taking a pass on appearing with Trump on Friday.

Walker will be viewing flood damage in northern Wisconsin. Ryan plans to be in the southern part of the state, where his district is. And Johnson has "prior commitments," according to his spokesman.
Ryan has the most plausible excuse. Wisconsin's primary election is on Tuesday so he would want to be doing last minute events to help rally the troops and GOTV events.

Ryan's excuse is definitely plausible - but it loses some of that plausibility when one also recalls that Trump refused to endorse Ryan and was praising Ryan's opponent earlier this week.

RoJo hasn't said where he will be or what he will be doing Friday night that would keep him from coming. However, giving how has consistently been behind his opponent, Russ Feingold, in both the polls and in fundraising, it's entirely conceivable that RoJo will be begging his father-in-law for his old company and job back.

Walker's excuse of touring the flood-ravished region of northern Wisconsin is the weakest of the three.

It is true that the area was hit by bad flooding that caused untold millions of dollars of damage and claimed three lives. But that happened nearly a month ago. Walker is only now getting around to touring the region?

What we are witnessing is a phenomenon that will likely spread among Republicans across the country - trumpphobia, the irrational (or rational) fear of being seen with their chosen nominee for president.

Or maybe it's just further proof of the adage that their is no honor among thieves.or Republicans, but I repeat myself.


  1. "Walker will be viewing flood damage in northern Wisconsin." The storm and flooding occurred on July 11. It is almost a month later. A month. How pressing could it be that he couldn't schedule it for another day? What a crock.

  2. How's it going for walker, that he is asking for help from a government he continues to bash. Should make the people up north feel good. You get what you vote for.

  3. Actually he cancelled that and is going to a spaghetti dinner

  4. Two that I bet will be there are (freaky) Frank Lasee and (military) Mike Galager who are in a TV slug fest each claiming to be the real conservative. Galager has a ton of cash from who knows where and is calling Lasee a "career washington politician" even though Lasee is a State Senator. Lasee is running on his creds as supporting Walker and Act 10 calling Galager's money tree a Washington insider fund. Galager also is doing the Trump thing about all his military experience in defeating Iraq and chewing the carpet about trimming the fat (just not military fat I guess). It really is a race to out-Trump eachother. It may portend well for Democrat and Outagamie County Exec. (not insane) Tom Nelson.