Saturday, December 10, 2016

Boss Vos

By Jeff Simpson

Today. the assembly Republicans met and Boss Robin Vos handed out committee assignments.   With the epic meltdown of the Democratic Party the Republicans have record numbers of representatives.  That means there are too many reps for chairmanships, which is fine.

However what is telling, is the people that Robin Vos (R-Adulterer) the Boss, left out!

In the latest show of discord between statehouse Republicans, three of the state Assembly’s most conservative extremist members have publicly upbraided their leader, Speaker Robin Vos, for snubbing them for committee leadership posts in 2017. 
The interesting thing is who Boss Vos Snubbed.   The ALEC employee, who has gerrymandered his district to be the arrogant unethical ass he is without consequences,   Robin Vos purposefully left the true believers in the cold.    The Glenn Grothman caucus of Jesse Kremer and Andre Jacque, on the people coldest day of the year were both left out in the cold.

While the GOP are notorious for falling into line, they do need to be conjoled, talked to,  flirted with and even actually bought(even if they go cheap).   That being said,  There are a few true believers (who are too extreme for the rest of the crew ) that the leadership knows if they were to be introduced to these reps in force, no amount of gerrymandering could save them.    

Being true believers though, the Grothman caucus members can only see the world in a deep right red with no room for other colors, so they fought back and made themselves martyrs!

Andre Jacque had his staff put out a press release he was so upset!

Rep. Andre Jacque, R-De Pere, was the most prominent of those snubs. The fourth-term Jacque told the Wisconsin State Journal the appointments are a warning from Vos, R-Rochester, to GOP members that “conservative dissent will not be tolerated and is likely to be dealt with harshly and swiftly.”
“I am proud to continue fighting for Wisconsin taxpayers and the pro-life cause,” Jacque said in a statement. “To the extent I have been and will be ‘punished’ for my efforts on their behalf, I will wear it as a badge of honor.”
According to Andre, fighting for the Wisconsin taxpayers puts him on the outs with Robin And the rest of the WISGOP leadership(term used loosely).

But, wait!!  There is more:

Captain of the bathroom police, Jesse Kremer (R-Julaine Appling), who once told me that to seek the truth I should go visit the Creation Museum.  Like the WISGOP caucus, the creation museum is where science and common sense go to die, but that is another blog.   Jesse  Kremer took to social media to whine.  

So here's the deal. 64 members of the Republican Party Assembly Caucus in Wisconsin. All but a few returning members received a committee chairmanship today. Janel Brandtjen, André Jacque and I were three that had lobbied for a committee, but were promptly slapped down by the leadership team.
I have mixed emotions...
1. Yes, it is a slap in the face. I felt that I had a good working relationship with the Speaker's office and kept them apprised of every policy that was being researched in my office. But... I have stood my ground and remained principled even while being pragmatic with my constituent's concerns.I do not work for Madison... I work for all of YOU!
2. It is refreshing to know that I have not become part of "Madison politics" and will not be tethered while working on policy issues during the next term.

I know your first thought is - Jesse Kremer's office does research?  That was mine also. However the overarching point here is that Boss Vos runs a tight ship, and has to have his hand on everything that happens.  

That means he knows that his hold on govt, is fleeting and hanging by a thread.  A loss of the redistricting lawsuit, of if people really knew of his private life, would force him to be a slumlord full time.   As one of ALEC's favorite conduits, needs to be in power, to allow them to speak through him.  

There is not a Jesse Kremer or Andre Jacque that is going to derail that!

But wait there is more!  Janet Brandtjen (R-eagle eyes) who can diagnose Milwaukee's problems from afar, also was shut out.

Brandtjen said she saw common threads between herself, Kremer and Jacque. “All three of us are conservative and all three of us are pro-life,” Brandtjen said.
Hey Julainne Appling, in case you missed the memo there, Boss Vos has no interest whatsoever in abortion or stopping it.   As someone who has went through numerous marriages, and loves married women, there is no way he is going to give up that Ace up his sleeve.  The minute he outlaws abortion, Mrs. Jones(generic name of whatever married woman Robin is currently dating), will get pregnant with his baby and he will be forced to fly her to a less regressive state or else actually take responsibility in his life.  

This war between the extremely far right, and the far right Alec Shills, will produce what all wars do - Innocent casualties.  

Jesse Kremer is firing the first shot (literally) with a bill where he wants to make sure everyone on campuses throughout the state are armed.  As if we did not have enough problems with luring top people to our colleges anymore, or keeping them, Kremer wants to make sure we keep our campuses very white!   In a perfect world, the scared white kids from rural Wisconsin's first experience with a minority can be while they are looking down a barrel of a gun.  

Look for Kremer to continue to push the bar way to the right to piss Boss Vos off.   I would also recommend attending any of the arts that you want too soon, because when Kremer passes his I'm scared the person in the next stall might be a girl bill, look for our favorite entertainers to boycott us and our tourism dollars to dry up!

It will be an interesting next two years, let us hope that the Democratic party will come out of hiding and provide actual opposition or else the mass casualties of this war will be our public schools, roads, and economy!

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