Saturday, December 24, 2016

David Clarke: Depraved And Deplorable

Much like his hero Donald Trump, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is an attention whore. And just like Trump, Clarke favorite way of seeking that attention is to send out outrageous and vile tweets.

Clarke's latest venture of going beyond the pale came on Thursday, when he sent out this tweet:

Oh boy! Ain't that Clarke a regular cut up?!

But the gentle reader has probably noticed where Clarke crossed the line again. The picture he used of Obama is from when the president was speaking about the epidemic of gun deaths and the need for more sane gun control laws. When he started talking about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary where 20 grade school children and six teachers were murdered in cold blood.

Here is the video of Obama's speech. You can see the moment the screencap is taken at about the 1:05 mark.

For Clarke to exploit the tragedy of Sandy Hook, the fourth year anniversary was just a couple of weeks ago, and the high emotions that almost everyone else felt is beyond the pale and shows just how depraved and deplorable Clarke really is.


  1. MAGA Americans love David Clarke because he treats those accused of crimes like dirt

  2. Sheriff Clarke is a clueless dumb ass

  3. This basket of deplorables has no moral true north. What do you expect? A sudden burst of self awareness or clarity? Nothing short of suffering a great hardship will ever humble them.

  4. Tommy knows his role- say crazy, offensive things as a token black guy, making it OK for dumb racist white guys to do the same.

    And Clarke gets paid handsomely for playing that role...along with the 6 figures + benefits he gets from Milwaukee County taxpayers for (not) doing his day job. #grifter

  5. Sheriff Clarke is a glowing example of what is Wrong with the DEM PARTY in Wisconsin and the Nation! Stop it!!!