Friday, December 30, 2016

Right WIsconsin: The Pope Is Going To Die

By Jeff Simpson

To end the year, Charlie Sykes website, Right Wisconsin, always has their recipients of wingnut welfare give their predictions for the coming year.   Many try and be serious, some try and be witty even though creativity and sense of humor is lacking.  One such "contributor" who is the embodiment of this is Kevin Binversie.    Binversie is actually employed by RightWisconsin/Bradley Foundation and his attempt at "looking into the crystal ball" brought us this bit of "wisdom":

Yes, Pope Francis has talked about income inequality being the root of much evil in this world, he is the "de facto leader" of "the left" so he must die.    Binversie also takes the time to point out that Pope Benedict, the Pope who resigned because he was hiding pedophilia and was taking too much heat, is still alive and well.  

Good job Kevin, for showing your true stripes.   I can only imagine the faux outrage if these ridiculous words were written on say CogDis.  

Its nice that a whose who of far right wing bloggers and operatives stand with Mr. Binversie in his despicably "predicting" the Pope's Death.   It is also nice the Charlie Sykes keeps him employed as the face of Right Wisconsin

Welcome to the new right wing voice of reason Charlie Sykes, same as the old extremist arrogant Charlie Sykes, they just changed the packaging.

Peace be with you!


  1. Id like to point out that Kevin is the cousin of long time alleged Democrat Bob Ziegelbauer (Bob's mother is a Binversie). Bob was hated among local Democrats and was even given the boot by us when he endorsed Dr. Steve Kagan's opponent for 8th district Congressional seat in a TV ad a while back. Only the State party stepped in and ran ads endorsing Bob for re-election that year. Joe Winecke was State Chair at the time and that memory was at the root of his lack of support here when he ran again after Tate.
    The Ziegelbauer/Binversie/Pankratz clan here were all stout Trump supporters here.
    Both Bob and Kevin claim to be devout Catholics.

    1. The second irony is that Bob's opponent in that election was Paul Tittl who when he ran again for the then open seat in 2012 was endorsed by Bob... You cant make this crap up!