Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Walker Compares Russian Hacking To Scottish Endorsement

Last year, during Scott Walker's spectacular failure as a presidential candidate, he confirmed the fact that he is no foreign relations or election integrity expert. In case anyone might have forgotten these facts, Walker set out to remind them.

Coming back from visiting Wisconsin troops in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Germany, Walker had this to say about the Russian hackers and their interference with the presidential elections:
Gov. Scott Walker on Monday compared possible Russian influence to help Donald Trump win the presidential election to a Scottish leader endorsing Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t think we want any foreign government trying to influence our election,” Walker told reporters during a briefing about his trip to the Middle East last week.

Walker was responding to a recent Washington Post report that a senior CIA official said there was a consensus in the U.S. intelligence community that individuals with connections to the Russian government gave hacked documents from the Democratic National Committee to WikiLeaks to help Trump win.

“Conversely you had the leader of Scotland endorsing Hillary Clinton, and I don’t think leaders from other countries one way or the other, whether it’s for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or any other candidate — I think it’s best left to Americans to make those decisions,” Walker said.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon broke with international protocol when she wrote days before the election that she hoped Clinton would win. Trump is projected to win 306 Electoral College votes compared to Clinton’s 232.
While some Republicans, like Hair Fuhrer Elect Donald Trump has flat out denied that the Russians had done any hacking, much less interfered with our elections in any way, many others are suspicious of it and are sounding the alarm.

But I haven't seen or heard of anyone trying to minimize the effects of the Russian hackers - and to do such a poor job at it - as Walker just did. This is also why you rarely see Walker talking about anything but his scripted one-line talking points.


  1. there is a MAJOR dissonance to in your statement comparing endorsement. A foreign figure can readily comment publicly on their own candidate or policy. Scottie, you don't catch the difference at all, since Putin has had this treachery done behind the press and into secretive hacking that takes surrepticious undisclosed imposition into our US elections.

  2. Scott Walker trolled Fake Russia Hacking Story & this blogger is being idiotic.

    You want real Foreign Hacking look at the $150 million CLINTON Foundation took in a quid pro quo deals at state department.

    You Democrats are in a major dissonance nationally & locally. The party has no leaders left.

  3. Doesn't really matter does it? It worked.