Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy Charley Sykes Day

By Jeff Simpson

If you woke up anywhere near Southeastern Wisconsinm or in the listening area of 620 AM WTMJ , that sweet sound to your ears is the fact that Charlie Sykes is no longer squawking at you.

His gentle tone of "who me?" extremism will not be missed by anyone in the state who does not have right wing political ambitions.

One thing we know about the WISGOP, is they are a bunch of sheep that like to be led.  From their reliance on ALEC and Scott Jensen to make decisions for them, to Charlie driving the debate and telling the rest of the hate radio garblers(yes im looking at you Vicki Mckenna, Mark Belling, Jerry Bader, et al.)  what to think and discuss that day. Charlie was also important as the safe space for Wisconsin Righties, they knew they could join his show, push their agenda and hit balls off the tee.

Charlie paid such an important part in Scott Walker's ambition political career that the Governor wasted precious Wisconsin resources to declare December 20, 2016 - Charley Sykes day(not kidding).

The Governor, who cant seem to find the time to visit(ar address) the Lincoln Hills fiasco, took time away from his busy campaign schedule to honor Charlie.  It is understandable because it is not like the career politician actually WANTS to govern.

Let's take a look at the Charlie Sykes Day decree, like so many things that ScottWalker does, it is filled with half truths, fantasies, science fiction, defamation and ridiculousness.   In order to keep Scott from throwing another intern under the bus, let me help rewrite it for him!

  Whereas after 23 years of spewing, racist, hate and receiving wingnut welfare, Charlie Sykes has quit his show: and 

Whereas Charlie Sykes was the true father of fake news, racism, extremism and driving force  behind the career of such Wisconsin GOP icons as David "Vacation" Clarke, Bill "the grabber" Kramer, Justice David "Ike Turner" Prosser, and Justice Rebecca "Id rather have AIDS than Cancer" Bradley, all while staying insulated and far away from opposite ideas and viewpoints:  And 

Whereas Charlie is the "author" of seven books(edit ? - how long on google did it take our Gov to find the names of all of Chucks books?) that all say the same thing - liberals are ruining this country, and he is not sure if he contributed to the divide.  (edit note:  One good thing about Charlie's writings, if you ever decide to show up to an author's talk, you will get plenty of one on one attention!); and

Whereas Charlie Sykes who has a made a career attacking mainstream media like the New York Times, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MSNBC, now "contributes" to them; and

Whereas Charlie "Fireworks" Sykes is thrice married and tried to impose his fake morals and standards on many others,  was superb at playing the victim while attacking people he disagreed with and was also a key player in the Scott "John Doe" Walker coordinating investigation; and 

Whereas now that The Donald is President and the racism and hatred that Charlie Sykes has kept boiling just under the surface is now boiling over the pot, Charlie Sykes will pretend he had nothing to do with it and try(with mainstream media's compliance) pretend to be an intellectual bipartisan voice of reason in order to try and stay relevant and keep cashing checks.   

Happy Retirement Charlie, sorry that it came 23 years to late!  

PS:  Jeff Wagner has currently taken over Sykes spot in the morning,.  Please be careful operating a motor vehicle while Wagner is on the radio, the side effects are he can make someone very very sleepy!  

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