Sunday, April 16, 2017

Charlie Sykes - Still Enabling Hatred! (Updated)

By Jeff Simpson

One of the things that most amazes me, is after years and years of dog whistles, leading the debate and using his platform on the biggest stick in the state to push far right wing candidates and ideologues is the media fawning all over themselves to help Charlie Sykes rewrite his history.

Sykes is pretending he had nothing to do with the rise of the Donald and the empowerment of white nationalists in Wisconsin and in the country!  Charlie, occasionally will admit to, maybe having a hand in it, but not really being sure:

“When I would deny that there was a significant racist component in some of the politics on our side, it was because the people I hung out with were certainly not,” Sykes says. “When suddenly, this rock is turned over, there is this—‘Oh shit, did I not see that?’
 “I kind of had that reaction this morning, with that woman: Did we ignore this? There’s got to be some serious introspection, because of the things that we either didn’t see, or that we ignored, or that we enabled.”

Let's take a look at what Charlie Sykes continues to enable.   In case you did not know it, Sykes still runs the website - Right Wisconsin

Wisconsin's New Conservative Community Powered by Charlie Sykes.
For those of you who have not checked out Mr. Turn over a new leaf's website(and really why would you), if you wasted your time checking it out you would see prominently displayed a (liberal) loser of the day.  Charlie Sykes, new leaf has only been turned over so far.

Recently, they named my friend Kelly Gallaher their (liberal) loser of the day.     It seems that there is a business in her hometown that has been operating illegally for many years.  Thanks to connections in local city hall, they are able to run an unsafe business, not pay their fines or live under the rules that everyone else in the village has too.   Ms. Gallaher thinks it is time they lived by the rules everyone else has to in our society and called them out.  

That upset the crew over at Charlie Sykes powered website and made her the loser of the day.   When Mr. Sykes wonders what he has enabled let me show you.

Ms. Gallaher posted the story of her being named (liberal) loser of the day and was promptly greeted with a message from one of Sykes solid supporters calling her the C word amongst many other things.  

Here is the NSFW screen shot:

Despite the calls by her friends to block the unhinged righty, Ms. Gallaher calmly explained the facts of the issue and something that I have never seen before.  He realized that he was massively led astray by Charlie Sykes and the Right Wisconsin crew and apologized.

Is there anything more telling of Right Wisconsin than one of their loyal followers apologizing and saying the magic words - "Wish I would have done more research".  

Even the local Village President attacked her(via Right Wisconsin):

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Did Sykes enable people to be racist, hateful and violent towards Democrats and people they disagree with ideologically?   The correct answer is no in the past tense, because he continues to do so despite the fake persona he portrays on TV.

Another example of how Charlie has not changed a thing in actuality - Bruce Murphy of Urban Milwaukee wrote a column recently pointing out that Sykes is largely responsible for the joke of a sheriff that runs Milwaukee County and tried to ask Sykes some questions regarding it:

I sent Sykes some questions about the website and he responded per usual, “just make it up as you usually do.”
To which I responded, “hey, I thought you’d changed your views. How about a different response for me?”
To which he responded: “Not about you.”
Okay, so Sykes won’t be recanting his view of me.
Of course he hasn't changed his view on anyone he has smeared, unless they can help his career of course.

My suggestion is to never, ever, ever watch a show that has Sykes on and when you are, turn it off and tweet the host what you just did!

Wisconsin Watchdog just cleaned house with their dead weight,. now its time everyone does the same to Charlie!


  1. There is more than one business in her hometown that has been operating illegally for many years. Thanks to connections in local city hall. I have been told that I don't want to mess with a business next door because they have friends on the board, and an employee who used to be a Mount Pleasant police officer. Both meant as a threat. Intimidation. I am sure other people have been badgered into keeping quiet.

  2. Totally about wanting more airtime on MSNBC.