Thursday, April 20, 2017

The $95,000 Year Of Easy Living!

By Jeff Simpson

The Republicans have hooked one of their own up.   Big Time.

They anointed Alberta Darlings former chief of staff Garry A Bennett as the new "Charter School Czar", paying him $95,000/yr plus Cadillac Benefits, creating yet another level of Government and put his salary and position as part of the UW System.  

That was the story last year, this year the story is even worse.   What has Mr. Bennett done in the last year with his $95,000+ of taxpayer money?

Absolutely Nothing!  

The very soonest Madison residents could see an independent charter school open its doors in the city is fall 2018 — a year later than state officials first planned.

Now to be clear, Mr. Bennett seems like a decent enough guy, even if his position is just more big government from our current group of GOP "leaders".   It is also not his fault that he accepted a position he was not qualified for at a salary that equals two teachers who work hard every day making a difference in our world.  

The key is that in a time when our friends on the right talk about lazy teachers unions and professors not working hard enough, their anointed one over our public schools, has accomplished nothing all year and not a single peep from our "fiscal conservative" friends on the right!

That is why he is smiling!

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