Sunday, April 9, 2017

Trump's Failed Missions

As the gentle reader is assuredly aware, Donald Trump dropped 59 Tomahawk missiles on an airfield in Syria.  To understand the full scope of Trump's madness and the full extent of his failure, one has to look at the big picture and full timeline of events.

It starts with Trump issuing his immigration bans v.1.0 and v.2.0.  This ban blocked Syrian refugees from being able to come to the United States to avoid being killed by Assad.  In other words, Trump condemned these innocent people to death, for no reason other than the color of their skin and the name of their religion.

Then Assad uses some nerve toxin on these refugees, killing many of them.  Trump, supposedly outraged by pictures of dead children from this attack, decides to launch the missile attack.

Too many people have seem to have lost sight of the fact that Trump could have and should have saved these people, but due to his and his supporters' xenophobia and bigotry, these people are now dead.

So back to the missile attack...

Before launching the attack, he called Big Daddy Putin to get permission and give them lots of time to clear out the Russian troops.

When the attack finally does happen on the airfield, it was supposedly meant to send a message to Assad and to take out the airfield.  Neither thing happened.

Within hours of Trump's attack, Assad dropped chlorine bombs on more innocent civilians, an attack which was launched at the same airfield Trump was supposed to have taken out.

It wasn't part of any type of larger strategy to deal with Assad, as admitted by his own administration.

That means it was just a publicity stunt.  But still, why even do it?

Well, it's because his poll numbers are already lower than any other president and dropping fast, just as he had accused President Barack Obama of doing.

Just as sad, if not more so, are all the Trumpkins out there cheering their heads off about this expensive, both in human cost and in money, and unnecessary show of bravado for nothing other than bolstering his anemic poll numbers.

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