Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ron Johnson's Fact Free Market

By Jeff Simpson

While I must give credit where it is due, I do respect Ron Johnson for actually heading to Madison to meet with some high schoolers.   I am sure it is because he felt that he could handle the crowd, but it turns out he was the dumbest guy in the room.  

Here is a short clip of his Q and A at Madison East High School.

While he gets rightly criticized for his uneducated answers on public education,I wanted to point out a couple things that are being overlooked.

1. Waiting on Superman was a hard movie documentary to watch because it was so filled with misinformation that it was akin to watching Fox News, but also because, Ron Johnson thinks the Lego movie is a liberal conspiracy, I would not expect him to keep his attention through any documentary!  However Waiting for Superman has been thoroughly debunked as BS!

2.  Ron Johnson hote of the year in here that people glossed over.  

"I am absolutely for competition, I come from the competitive world. I would have loved to have a monopoly, like our public education system is because it wasn't a monopoly, our prices were lower, my quality was higher, as was my level of customer service. Free Market competition works."

 A quick look at Ron Johnson's free market competitive career, we see that he was given a job by his father-in-law and the factory he owned, had ONE customer - his Father-in-law.

Very impressive that he was able to take a company his father-in-law started and land his father-in-law as his one client.

Maybe Ron Johnson should look up what a free market actually is before he heads out in public again!

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