Tuesday, June 6, 2017

RyanCare = Pay More, Get Less

Chris Taylor 

MADISON – With nearly 23 million people on the verge of losing health insurance and Republican leadership invisible and unavailable to the public, members of the Women’s Health Workgroup are holding a health care town hall meeting in Speaker Ryan’s home district later today.  Members of the Workgroup, composed of Democrats in the Assembly and Senate, will be traveling to Kenosha to meet with the same residents that Paul Ryan seems to forget he represents, and to talk about the uncertainty of health care in Wisconsin and the real challenges Wisconsin families are facing.

“Everywhere I go in Kenosha, I continuously hear from my constituents about the unavailability and inaccessibility of our Republican elected leaders.  From ‘invite-only’ events to staged press conferences –Wisconsin’s Republican leadership does not seem interested in hearing from the people they are elected to represent,” Rep. Tod Ohnstad (D-Kenosha) said.

The GOP’s health plan, which contains fat tax breaks for the wealthy and opens the door to families losing commonsense protections like pre-existing health condition coverage, would eliminate health insurance for thousands of people in Speaker Ryan’s district.  Under RyanCare, millions of Americans will be paying more in health care to get less in coverage.

“Our Republican federal officials are fast-tracking sweeping changes to our health care system without the vetting and thought that should be given to policy that has life and death impacts on Wisconsin families.  Families are scared and they should be.  One in four Wisconsinites have a pre-existing health condition – will it continue to be covered under their health insurance? Wisconsin families deserve better than this uncertainty,” said State Senator and Women’s Health Workgroup Co-Chair LaTonya Johnson (D-Milwaukee).

“Let’s be clear, while our Republican federal delegation is failing Wisconsin families, Governor Walker, Speaker Vos and Majority Leader Fitzgerald, are playing the same games.  We have an opportunity at the state level to step up to the plate and be the adults in the room while Congress sits in gridlock.  Sadly, we’ve just seen more of the same partisanship and playing politics instead of working to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for Wisconsin’s families,” State Representative and Women’s Health Workgroup Co-Chair Chris Taylor (D-Madison) said.

The town hall will also highlight the disproportionate impacts being felt by women under Speaker Ryan’s health care bill.  This comes on the heels of years of legislation passed in Wisconsin by Walker and legislative Republicans to insert themselves into the exam room with women and their physicians during very personal and private health care decisions.

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