Thursday, June 1, 2017

Kennedy for DPW Chair

By Jeff Simpson

Capper and I both did something that we thought we would not do - join the Wisconsin Democratic Party.  After Capper joined, he endorsed the BAM ticket of Bryan Kennedy, Amanda Stueck and Mandela Barnes to run the Wisconsin Democratic Party!

Now it is my turn.  I spent alot of time thinking and debating this topic and after long thought, I have decided that I will fully support Bryan Kennedy for Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair.

I appreciate and respect the hard work that Bryan Kennedy has been putting in.  I appreciate that Bryan has had a long career in the Democratic Party, from an elected official, to a union President, to a candidate against the Tampon King of Menominee Falls.   It is no small feat to run against a firmly entrenched multi millionaire in today's political culture.   I like the fact that while the rest of Wisconsin Democratic insiders, and electeds were falling over themselves to endorse Hillary, Bryan was unapologetically behind Senator Bernie Sanders for President.  I respect the fact that once the race was over, he jumped in line and supported Hillary(if only her loyalty had been a two way street).   I like the fact that he has put the time and effort into running for the party and has a solid plan and the optimism to retake the state in 2018.   The final straw that put me over the edge is the fact that Bryan, not only has been available throughout his run, but he personally stopped by my house and asked for my vote.  

Bryan now officially has my vote, and I hope he has yours also.

While telling you why I am voting for Bryan, I have to also have to explain why I feel there is a need for change.  

First, I have to say that I like David Bowen and feel he is being under utilized as Vice chair, otnd one big step to taking the State back from the far right extremists, would be to make David Bowen, minority leader and have Peter Barca give up his reign(but I digress).

While I want to acknowledge that the election debacle has plenty of owners, being head of the Democratic Party, you have to shoulder your share of the burden!

Now let's look at where things went off the rails.

* Martha rode a wave of change to the chair of the Democratic Party, unfortunately, she did not acknowledge that change.   She kept everyone on board for months, despite the fact that she inherited a staff that was known for losing elections.

* There was a special election as soon as she took over, and it was all but ignored.

*  Bloggers and grass roots seem all but ignored.  When Kory Kozlowski, executive director of the party was leaving and Martha was hiring Jason Sidener, Daniel Bice was the person who was breaking all of the stories.  

*  She oversaw the party during the primary of 2016, where there was an incumbent protection plan, which caused primary challenges to big of a burden to overcome.

*  She oversaw the party during the 2016 debacle of a statewide election.

*  She promised to vote for the winner of the Wisconsin Primary and as soon as Senator Sanders won, she immediately broke her promise.

* She was one of the few state chairs, who signed up for the Hillary Victory Fund, which turned into the Hillary Fund and they forgot all about the Victory part.  Really this, in my mind, is the one thats inexcusable.  

*  Speaking from personal experience, Martha has not been approachable or accessible. A mailer and a phone call from a supporter is the way to win elections in the 1980s.

I plan on critiquing Bryan every step of the way, and criticizing and complimenting the party as needed,  

The 2018 elections are the most important of our lifetime and we can not afford another debacle.  

It is time we put the party in Union hands and started to win elections again.  

See you this weekend!


  1. Im still not to the point where I will commit to BAM mostly because Ive seen articles on Stueck voting for some questionable bills but Im not committed to anyone else yet either.
    Mostly, I agree that Laning has been ineffective which I predicted in her first election. She is good at collecting money but entirely clueless on where and how to spend it. And I agree whole heartedly that she did disappear into the office which, if you think about it... is exactly what HR directors do.

  2. Just saw DPW convention on tv, looked like it was at the Danny's in Middleton. Guess that'll be big enough for what's become of the Looney tune party. But best have enough Grand Slam breakfasts if capper and Simpson are there.