Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Presidential Tea and Mr. Sprinkles

By Jeff Simpson

One thing we have known, especially us here in Wisconsin, is that Republicans have an incessant NEED to be in power but have no real interest in actually governing.  

In Wisconsin, we have a first hand seat to that with our Governor who loves being in charge, but will do anything to not have to be in Wisconsin and actually govern.  

I continue to be amazed, why we as a society, allow our politicians to do this.  Then we elected The Donald and he turned this abhorrent behavior up to an 11.

The Donald's campaign promise of "so much winning" has failed pretty much from the first second he took office. It is starting to take a toll on The Donald.  He was able to sign a record number of executive orders as he first took office. For those of you scoring at home, when an African American man signs an executive order it is UnConsititutional and when a Republican signs one it is cause for celebration.

However, the executive orders have slowed down and now he wants to sign major legislation.  The problem is, the GOP do not want to pass major legislation and send it to him.   Take AHCA for example.,  They needed to pass it through the house, where the furthest right and most reactionary members are to appease their base.   Then it goes to the Senate but no way will Senators take access to healthcare away from 24 million people so that bill will never see the President's Donald's desk.

In lieu of signing actual bills, the Donald needs an ego stroke so he does the next best thing.  Signs fake bills.   The guy who whines about #fakenews, actually set up a fake bill signing so he could get his ego stroked.

Donald Trump, a fan of spectacles and spotlights, has a habit of signing executive orders that don’t actually do anything. The president likes to appear before cameras and give the appearance of work, but in nearly every instance, Trump’s “accomplishments” are little more than political theater.
Yesterday, however, offered a rather extreme example of the phenomenon. The president announced his support for privatizing America’s system of air-traffic control, and as the New York Times reported, the decision was accompanied by a rather ridiculous White House display.
At an East Room event that was choreographed like the elaborate ceremonies for enacting major legislation, Mr. Trump signed a memo and letter to Congress outlining his principles for overhauling the nation’s air traffic control system. He handed out pens to lawmakers who had been invited to attend, and reveled in several rounds of applause.
But Mr. Trump’s announcement did not have any binding effect….

The "leader of the free world" three months into his presidency, has to hold fake bill signings so he can have a bunch of members of his own party applaud him.    To make matters worse, there is a room full of white Republicans more than willing to stroke his ego for this sham of a photo op.    To make it even worse, there is "lyin" Ted Cruz, whose wife was attacked by the Donald in the primary, standing there with the biggest grin of all!  

The Donald even gave out commemorative pens for this fake occasion.

If this does not give you pause to be scared a little for the future of our country, then you do not understand history.  

Everyone in this photo should be ashamed!  

The Donald is becoming a fake President by pulling childish stunts like this!  

Just to correct the record, CogDis is still efforting to see if The Donald's good friends - Mr. Sprinkles and Foofy Woogums were in attendance for this event, or if tea was served!

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