Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Paul Ryan: Cut Rate Action Hero Wannabe

Ever since Randy Bryce hit the campaign trail with a video seen around the world, Lyin' Paul Ryan must be feeling a tad bit nervous.

So what's a scared, pencil-neck geek supposed to do? Why, make his own video of course! And just any video, but one that shows he's just as macho as any iron worker and one that throws red meat to the base, like xenophobia and bigotry.

The part Ryan forgot was not to make himself look even more like a 90 pound weakling in the process. Thus, hilarity ensues:

Oooh! He flies in a chopper! He rides on a boat! He rides a horsie, and not just the one in front of the Walmart!

The thing Ryan likes most about his little video is that the taxpayers got to pay for it because he disguised it as a video about the wall and not himself.

But it does raise more than a few questions...

Is it me, or is Ryan riding a pony? And doesn't it look like he's about to fall off of it at the end? Are we sure that's even Ryan and not a stand in? Did anyone else hearing the village people singing "Macho Man" as they watched that video?

All I know for certain is that Dudley Do-Right has nothing to fear from Ryan.

The twitterverse doesn't seem to be very impressed with Ryan's video attempt either.

This isn't Ryan's first go at being an impostor either.

When he was running mates with Mitt Rmoney, he did a photo op at a soup kitchen in Ohio. But they weren't serving anyone at the time and the pots that Ryan was scrubbing were already clean. To make matters worse, Ryan hadn't called ahead to even get permission and just barged into the place.

It's time and then some to repeal and replace this faker with Randy Bryce, a real hero (US Army veteran) and a person who knows how to do real work. And if you can, throw a few bucks to help Randy lead on to victory. If you can't afford anything right now, give him a shout out of encouragement and thanks on teh twitter at his now famous @IronStache account. He's very appreciative of those and it helps him keep going.


  1. Hope all this makes you feel better because Randy Bryce is something of a political joke. As to who is more ripped, Paul Ryan practices "a popular but brutal body-sculpting program" called P90X. He leads a class of a dozen members of Congress and staffers in the grueling, ever-changing workouts for 60 to 90 minutes every day in the House gym. But that's not why you hate Paul Ryan. It's because he's a conservative Republican. Can you be honest about that?

  2. And if you're going to call him a liar, shouldn't you detail some of the supposed lies?

  3. WHen in the world has Ryan ever been a conservative?

    Capper beat me to it, but that video he posted of Paul Ryan, made Dukakis look like John Wayne during his tank moment.....All he is missing is his George Bush Cod piece......


  4. What the ...? "When in the world has Ryan ever been a conservative?" Well, the American Conservative Union gives Paul Ryan an 88.6% conservative lifetime rating, is when in the world. You think Paul Ryan is a liberal? Did I just fall into the funhouse mirror here?

  5. Scott Walker gets high ratings from the Chamber of Commerce doesnt make him a businessman.....

    He mist certainly isnt a liberal, and i guess we define conservative differently.

    I thought when you helped hide the iraq war and didnt put it on the books, and have been voting for pretty mcuh every spending increase on the last 17 years or so and now want to build a new multi billion dollar ineffective cowardly wall, that he would lose his conservative card......

    1. Jeff Simpson, adjudicator of conservatism. !!!!

  6. We cant afford Paul ryans brand of conservatism ....its breaking us