Monday, November 6, 2017

Despite Wisconsin’s Stagnant Economy, Walker Running for Third Term

By Tony Evers 

MADISON – Today, Governor Scott Walker will be in Waukesha announcing he’s running for his third term as Governor of Wisconsin.  Waukesha is all too familiar with Wisconsin’s economic stagnation under Walker.  Earlier this year, GE announced they would be closing their plant to move to Canada, laying off over 300 employees.  Tony Evers, State Superintendent and Democratic candidate for Governor released the following statement:

“Last year, Wisconsin saw nearly a 70 percent decrease in job creation.  Wages are declining and too many Wisconsinites are having to work two or three jobs just to put food on the table or cover their medical bills.  Meanwhile, Walker is making bad deals like the Foxconn mess, which hands over $3,000,000,000 of your hard-earned money to a foreign corporation. Everywhere I go, from Milwaukee to Marshfield, Reedsburg to Rice Lake, everyone keeps asking, “What about us?  What about our schools, our roads and our jobs?”

A year out from the election, Walker is increasingly vulnerable to a strong Democratic challenge.  A recent Public Policy Poll showed Walker losing to a generic Democrat by 5 points, with a job approval rating of only 43 percent.

“Wisconsinites are sick and tired of Walker’s broken promises, divisive politics and unquestioning support of Donald Trump’s agenda. I’m running for Governor to put an end to Trump and Walker’s relentless attacks on our families and values.  I will take on the Madison politicians and restore the respect, trust and confidence we need to get our government working again.  It’s what I’ve done throughout my career as a teacher, principal and school administrator, and it’s what I’ve done as state superintendent, responsible for educating 860,000 kids.  I’m the only candidate for governor with the experience necessary to clean up Walker’s mess, end the assault on our values and bring Democrats and Republicans together to solve our problems.”

Tony Evers has been elected three times to serve as State Superintendent of Public Instruction, winning 70 of 72 counties in his last election, with 70 percent of the vote statewide.  Evers has spent his entire career educating our kids, previously working as a science teacher, a high school principal and as school district superintendent.   As State Superintendent, Evers runs one of the largest agencies in the state, with responsibility over 70,000 educators and 860,000 students.  Evers is the father of 3 children and 6 grandchildren, raising his family in communities throughout Wisconsin, including Plymouth, Baraboo, Tomah, Oakfield, Omro, Oshkosh and Verona.

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  1. Amen, Tony Evers, amen! And thank you, Jeff for publishing this editorial, as well as what Dr. Evers wrote calling the Governor out on conditions at Lincoln Hills a couple weeks ago. He tells it like it and has the integrity and administrative experience to heal this state. Make Wisconsin smart again!