Wednesday, November 1, 2017

BarberShop - Starring RoJo

RoJo recently posted this picture on his facebook page....

Sen. Johnson visits Shawn Da Barber Shop in Milwaukee.

Time to caption this:

"Just stop. No one here wants to buy a class ring."   


  1. "Excuse me, G. May I call you G? Will my car be okay parked outside there for a half hour or so?"

  2. "Your new TV ad called 'Down With Tha People'? You're kidding, right?"

  3. I have been through a lot of jobs program but nothing like the Joseph Project. They are in it for you, not for themselves.
    – Willie McShan

    1. So Mr. Johnson - why can’t I live in Sheboygan? Why must I be bused 90 minutes each day to and from work? Am I not good enough? BTW -we noticed how you used the Joseph project to get re-elected . Please don’t use us again like that. And why are you standing up like that -,take a seat Bro and get out of my face.,