Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lawrence W Smith -

By Jeff Simpson 

Jerry Bader, who is currently writing for media trackkkers, has spent some of his time attacking a college girl for a tweet he did not like.   

A UW-La Crosse student is out as Vice-Chair of the Wisconsin College Democrats after tweets, first reported in a story broken by Media Trackers Friday Morning. Talk show host Jerry Bader also reported on the tweets Friday morning. Talk show host Mark Belling and Campus Reform later reported on the tweets. The La Crosse Tribune reports that Sarah Semrad resigned Tuesday morning. Semrad tweeted Thursday that she “f***ing hates white men.” She also claimed to be tearing down pro-life posters on campus. 
Why Jerry Bader is trolling college girls twitter is a question that should probably be asked by the authorities. 

But wait there is more!  

This tweet upset some of our good, sane friends on the right, who felt the need to reach out and offer their condolences to young Ms. Semrad:

While Mr. Ekern seems like a fine upstanding citizen, the people of Kenosha should be excited that he moved there from Norway.   

The comment I want to focus on is the one by Captain Diplomacy, Lawrence W. Smith.  Mr. Smith calls young Ms. Semrad a "pathetic bitch" because, Jerry Bader showed him yet another way that liberals are attacking all that is good in the world (Ie...white men),  he does not like a tweet she wrote which was in fact an inside joke.  

Mr. Smith will show her, for trying to have her own personal life.   

But wait there is more,,,,if you have ever heard of Lawrence W Smith, you just might live in Winnebago County.  If you live in District 8, this guy is your County Supervisor.   

Yikes, he fits right in to the fam, breaking the flag code and all!   

But Wait!!!  There is more!!!  

Mr. Smith even commented when called out on his hateful behavior:

Lawrence W. Smith Jeff Simpson What hate, I pointed out her ignorance you and the other leftest nobs need to learn the difference between outright disagreement with stupidity and hate speech. If you want to hear real hate speech go to any puplic collage gathering of leftist socialist/democrats and you will get an earful of HATE.

Yikes, this guy is really off the deep end.   Larry shows his disdain for not only women, but also anyone who might not vote Republican.

Mr  Smith is not a big fan of African Americans either as he lets us know in his facebook

Also for those in Winnebago County, if you see Mr. Smith's creepy van parked near you, I would highly recommend locking all of the doors and windows!  

I swear truth is stranger than fiction!

I wonder if this is the van he sold to Roy Moore?   

That all being said, if you have a child going through college and are not incredibly disgusted by this time in GOP history, you might want to rethink your priorities!  

In the meantime, if you would like to get in touch with Mr. Smith and contacting him for a follow up:

Elected 2008

Lawrence W. Smith

216 Wright Avenue
Neenah, WI 54956
Home:(920) 729-6316

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