Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Evers Refuses Walker’s Political Ploy – Stands up for Wisconsin Kids Amidst Growing Constitutional Crisis

By Tony Evers 

MADISON – Today, State Superintendent Tony Evers announced he is firing the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) in representing the Department of Public Instruction after being denied from choosing his own legal representation. Governor Walker and Attorney General Brad Schimel are attempting to force Evers to use their own hand-picked attorneys – who have already said they oppose Tony's position in this most recent lawsuit.

“I just have one thing to say to Scott Walker’s hand-picked lawyers -- you’re fired,” Evers said.  “You’re fired for abusing your power in order to force your right-wing agenda on our public schools.  You’re fired because, in a democracy, the Governor doesn’t get to choose his opponents on the ballot or his opponent’s lawyers in court.” 

Evers is once again being sued by the right-wing think tank, the Wisconsin Institute on Law and Liberty (WILL), on whether Evers, an independent constitutional officer recently re-elected with 70% of the vote, needs Governor Walker's approval to make rules and regulations affecting our schools.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court already found Walker’s power-grab unconstitutional last year. To ensure a victory this go around, last week Walker is trying to ensure his lawyers represent both sides of the case.

Earlier today, Evers was joined by Lester Pines, a Madison attorney who successfully defended the Superintendent’s independent authority last year. 

“Attorney General Brad Schimel and his minions have embraced “post-truth politics.” They have concocted a fantasy that they are pedaling as true: that the decision in Coyne v Walker, which clearly held that the Governor could have no control over the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s rule making, means absolutely nothing. Deliberately ignoring a Supreme Court decision is unprecedented and dangerous."

 “I will never stop fighting for our kids and I refuse to be intimidated by Walker's efforts to silence me.  The only way to put an end to this nonsense is to defeat Walker next November.” Evers concluded.

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  1. Watch the press conference where Evers is joined by Lester Pines and Susan Crawford at https://www.facebook.com/Tony4WI/
    Nov. 28 at 9:03 AM