Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Jesse Kremer Isolated Statesman

By Jeff Simpson

One Wisconsin Now is suing a few State legislators for blocking them on social media while also using social media as a place for public debate.   It will be interesting to see where this lawsuit goes. 

I just wanted to weigh in on one particular aspect of the story:

Interestingly, I am probably one of the most accessible statesman in WI & carry on opposing viewpoint discussions regularly on social media

Umm Jesse, I am not sure accessible means what you think it means!   


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  2. Interesting how Rep. Kremer choses to refer to himself as a "statesman," as if him telling us so enough times will ultimately convince us all of some not-yet-revealed socio-political prowess or superior logical ability.

    Also, his posts frequently contain spelling/grammar errors and this one is no different. The post should read "I am one of the most accessible statesmEn..."

    Perhaps we'd be more convinced of his "statesman" status if he'd take more care in crafting such simple statements.