Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Hurdle Cleared, Some Still Want To Waste Tax Dollars

This morning, there was a special joint session of the County Board's Personnel Committee and the Finance and Audit Committee. One of the topics was the AFSCME contract agreement.

Each committee passed it 5-2. The four no votes came from Supervisors Schmitt, Cesarz, Borkowski and Jursik.

If I lived in one of those supervisors districts, I'd be mightily sore that they refused to save tax payers millions of dollars.

Cesarz' vote doesn't surprise me, since the proof that he has problems with money management keeps growing, but I would love to know what possible rationale the others used to waste tax payers money.

If this contract doesn't get passed, it goes to arbitration, which will probably end up with raises and better benefits for the union, which will in turn cause lay offs and a reduction in services. This will lead to more lawsuits and yet more millions of dollars being wasted. Where is the sense in that?

ADDENDUM: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel confirms that Walker is upset about the thought of giving up his grandstanding opportunity. For the past week or so, Walker said that a pay freeze wasn't enough. The union gave him more than just a pay freeze, but now he is claiming he needs to privatize services. Since privatization has yet to work out for the county in any field, this only raises the question of to whom did he promise these contracts.

The article also shows that Supervisor Pat Jursik is against giving up lay off rights. I'm sorry, but since she was on the Personnel committee and regularly voted to give special appointments raises totaling in the hundreds of thousands, if not more than a million, of dollars, maybe she should revisit some of those choices before she demands more from the unions.

Call your County Board Supervisor and tell them to save services and tax payer dollars by approving the contract.

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