Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where's The Belief In Wisconsin, Scott?

Three months ago, Scott Walker presented some good laughs and entertainment when it was discovered that he hired a company from Ohio to build his gubernatorial website. The story was so hot for the moment that even local TV covered the story.

It was a perfect example of Walker's hypocrisy, given that the tag line of his campaign is "Believe in Wisconsin Again."

Apparently Walker didn't feel that enough people understood how hypocritical he really is. To help emphasize the point, his campaign has now hired a new communications director all the way from Tennessee. Apparently, he felt that there were no experienced mouthpieces in Wisconsin that could help him and his wont for verbal miscues.

Cog Dis is currently working on trying to verify if her main job will be to take over his tweeting for him.


  1. Love how you forgot where Anson Kaye came from in 2006.

  2. I like the part when she said that she thinks she knows what is good for Wisconsin, and then lists all the things that are against the general consensus and history of the state.