Friday, September 11, 2009

Thanks For Nothing, JB

Earlier this year, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen issued a poorly thought out opinion piece on whether open carry in Wisconsin was legal. This was nothing more than a thinly veiled promotion for his re-election as AG, or possibly a run at governor.

Since then, we've been witness to all sorts of nuttiness, most of which was a bunch of people having picnics in rural areas already low in crime to show that nothing bad will happen.

However, as predictable as it was, the nuttiness has now turned to a more ominous direction.

In Racine, there is the story of a man that was apparently in cahoots with his neighbor to see if they could set up the police regarding Van Hollen's opinion:

"I did nothing to provoke them," Hannan Rock said.

Officers repeatedly asked Hannan Rock to give his name, but he refused, citing his 5th Amendment Right. The officers arrested Hannan Rock on obstruction charges and took him to jail, where he spent nine hours.

Racine Police believe Hannan Rock's neighbor made the call about the raccoon shooting to test officers about the Open Carry Law. Police think the entire situation could have been a set up.

"It kind of makes us wonder if this gentleman was trying to set us up as a police agency and see how we were going to react to the open carry situation," Sgt. Bernie Kupper with the Racine Police Department said.

I had also heard on WTMJ 620 AM that Hannan was found with a recording device in his pocket that he was fumbling around with in an effort to turn on.

If this was not a set up, why would he have a recording device in his pocket. It is abnormal enough to want to be a grown man that still likes to dress up like a cowboy, but the recording device makes it very plausible that he had ulterior motives as well.

Unfortunately, I expect that we will continue to see this type of disruptive behavior until someone actually does get hurt, if not killed.

If Van Hollen couldn't see this predictable result of his unnecessary interjection, he is not fit to be top dog catcher, much less top cop or governor.


  1. The recording device is a red herring. Who cares if they had a recording? If they broke the, prosecute them, if not, then leave them along, in their trailer park.

  2. broke the law, I meant to say. Damn middle of the night posts.

  3. I am pretty sure the theory of entrapment has been debunked by now, though novel, pretty weak.

    Anyway, learn more about open carry rights at, and be sure to sign the petition at to repeal the onerous vehicle and 1,000 ft school zone bans on open carry in Wisconsin.

  4. Mike,

    I don't think anyone but enablers of poor social skills would disagree that the guy was just looking to start something.

    And for your petition, you can count on me and mine to not only fight your petition, but to make it stronger. We value life.