Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Too Can Be A Capper

I'm sure by now most of the Cheddarsphere has seen the comments over here.

Now I guess I could come up with an excuse like it was the pain pills from my back surgery. But that lie has already been used.

I guess I'll just have to tell the truth.

It's not me. Anyone that knows me, also would know that isn't even my writing style.

But you too can be "capper." Illy-T shows you how. Well, not really. Now they apparently have me blocked. First time I get blocked from anywhere, and I can't even take the credit. Ah, well.

But, gentle reader, don't get too offended at their antics. After all, they are kind enough to give a home in their comment thread to at least one known sockpuppet.

If you have any further doubts about the veracity of my words, just look at how quickly Chuckles Sykes left Bruce out to hang. I don't know Chuck, but I'd have to say the damage is done. Perhaps I will have to talk to a lawyer after all. After all, even Patrick admits that spoofery has been going on.

If not for your libel, then for the threats on BB's comment thread. I don't know, is trying to prevent one from using their First Amendment right by threat of force actionable?

And speaking of Illy-T, another thing he teaches us today: Not everything is on teh internets.


  1. Patrick Dorwin says "we have initiated a block on comments to/from or about Chris Liebenthal a.k.a. capper." Then the next four comments are about capper.

  2. It is good that Charlie Sykes and Bruce from Badger Blogger posted lies about you. Let them show everyone how they allow sockpuppets and imposters to post on their blogs.

    They are not credible and everyone should always be skeptical of what they read on Sykes's blog and on BB.

  3. It's all part of growing up. As of this morning, BadgerBlogger now requires Wordpress registration and login. They've gone from elementary school to middle school, in this respect.

    Now BB's operators can work on the way they condone and smirk at their commenting friends who routinely indulge in personal insults.

    I'm sure Charlie will issue a retraction and correction as quickly as possible. You know, owning up to your mistakes was on one of his book's lists, wasn't it?

  4. Yes John, coming from such a classy individual like yourself I'm sure that Charlie is quaking in his boots.

    "Condone and smirk at their commenting friends" you say, then how do you "condone" your sophmoric attempt at humor by your childish web sites? Come on, can't debate so you mock?

    Yes, you are real classy.

  5. Anon, we spell it "sophomoric". I call it "performance art". Even the people I parody think they're great. Just read the footer of BootsAndKittens. My sites are adored by all sides.

    If BadgerBlogger changed their policy because they discovered visitors spoofing their identity, then why didn't they fully disclose who was doing it? Are they chummy with the perpetrators?

    And heavens to Betsy, I debate in comments, not my own blog. Is there something wrong with that? And I might add, I do it in a civil fashion. You call it classy, I call it "civil." You know, not like the way I was treated by BadgerBlogger's commenters, who suggested that the UPS guy was sleeping with my wife, who ridiculed the size of my immense forehead, and who thought it would be fun to place a half-dozen crank calls to my office phone before I was banned from BadgerBlogger altogether.

  6. Actually, I find John's comments to be too witty to be called sophomoric. That is probably why everyone gets mad and bans him. He doesn't insult, but he does challenge them in a way that they can't seem to respond to without being excessively rude and/or just running away from the truth.