Saturday, September 12, 2009

CRG Member Bashes Walker

I attended Thursday night's public budget hearing session in Franklin.

It was a smaller crowd, but there were a number of speakers. Many of them were union members, mostly housekeeping staff at the mental health complex that are the top targets for lay offs and privatization in the soon to be formally presented proposed budget by Scott Walker.

There also was a fair number of people that utilize the transit system, especially the Freeway Flyers, that were deeply concerned about Walker's recommended budget.

There were also people that spoke up for the parks and a woman from the Hunger Task Force that gave an eloquent talk about the importance of the Farm and Fish Hatchery.

The one thing that left me temporarily dumbfounded was the speech by Orville Seymour, who is infamous for his involvement with Citizens for Responsible Government. (For those unfamiliar with CRG, they are the ones that got Scott Walker elected after their successful recall of Tom Ament. They are also the ones that failed to recall State Sen. Jim Sullivan and twice failed to recall Governor Doyle.)

As one would expect, Seymour advocated for such nonsense as privatizing everything possible and getting rid of what they couldn't. But then came two surprises.

One thing he complained about the road conditions, namely College Avenue and 13th Street. I wonder if he realized that he was echoing Milwaukee County First in his criticism of Walker's neglect of the county's infrastructure.

Then old Orville also complained that the state was not doing their job in mowing the grass in the medians, and said that the county should do it if the state won't. I couldn't believe my ears. This man who is one of the top honchos of CRG first pointed out the results of the years of Walker's neglect to the infrastructure, but then advocated squandering tax payer dollars on something like cutting someone else's grass.

Will wonders never cease?

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