Monday, September 21, 2009

Clarke Wants Wisconsin To Be A Police State

Sacre merde! Owen Robinson got one we can agree on.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is out of his ever-loving mind:

Wisconsin should join 15 other states and collect DNA samples when defendants are booked into county jails, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. said Sunday.

Sheriff's office employees already take photos and fingerprints at that time, he said. Adding DNA collection to their list of responsibilities would streamline the process and ensure that more criminals don't slip through the cracks as did suspected serial killer Walter E. Ellis.

As Owen points out it is unconstitutional and, I might add, unethical, to take one's DNA without due process. Just besides the potential for some megalomaniac like Clarke having everyone's DNA, which is scary enough with the potential for abuse of power, even with the new methods, it is an intrusive procedure and thereby would be illegal and an infringement of one's rights, unless consented to by a competent adult.

I just bet that he didn't say that he wanted any of this power to invade people's privacy and persons when he was talking in front of the lunatic fringe on Saturday.

But the scary part is that it's not just Clarke that wants to violate our rights. Owen also points out that there is a bill in the works to do just the very thing.


  1. How is it any different than taking photos and fingerprints at time of booking?

  2. It is intrusive, either with a blood draw or cheek swab. Neither can be done without consent or a court order.

  3. capper...the only way I could support this is if they destroyed any DNA collected at the time of booking...if the arrested person is not found guilty of a crime/felony. I'm a law and order type of person but this does have the potential of being a big problem...because at this time how can anyone trust LE in this state to do it right? How will we know if the DNA will actually be destroyed if the arrested person is found not guilty or is not charged by the DA?? I think they need to get the mess they have now cleaned up and implement some good solid policies to prevent another fiasco before taking this step.

  4. "Unconstitutional?" Janine Geske says not.

    It's identification, like photos and fingerprints. No more, no less.

    WHATEVER do they DO with those FINGERPRINTS you left with the Army when you joined it, Capper??

  5. If Justice Geske said that -- and I don't believe she did -- she was referring to federal felony arrestees, and in particular those who had been afforded the additional process of a probable cause hearing.

    In any event, I'm sure there are many who would disagree that removing biological material from the inside of a person's body is not all that dissimilar from taking a photograph or fingerprints.

  6. Dad often likes to get things confused. But it is good to see that he is coming more out of the closet of being a fascist and that he is OK with violations of civil rights. It puts his posts in a more revealing light.