Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Grand Day At The County Grounds

What a gorgeous day it was. Ideal weather brought a lot of people to the County Grounds in the hope of seeing some Monarch butterflies.

While the Monarchs have not arrived en force yet, everyone still enjoyed themselves.

Pictures are up at Milwaukee County First.

I want to offer a special thanks to Barb and Lulu for helping MCF in making this a success.

Also, special thanks to Jay "folkbum" Bullock for providing the musical entertainment.

It was especially grand for me as I got to meet the charming and lovely Izzy and Izzy's Mom.

But I think the best part of the day is when I found out that my dear friends, Jason and Stacie, are to be married next month! Congrats, kids, and you know I'll be there for sure!

Here's a snippet of Jay singing the unofficial song of the County Grounds:



  1. So, that is what Jay looks like. I think he has a brother out here- looks exactly like him. Only difference is that the guy here is conservative and Jay is, well you know...

  2. It was a beautiful day for a walk unfortunately we were too early for the migration or so we were told by a volunteer. Is this group posting when they arrive? It would be worth the return trip to see them all.

  3. Indeed, The Friends of the Monarch Trail and Milwaukee County First both will be updating readers on the progress of the migration and when they arrive.

    I will also try to provide the information here as well.