Friday, November 20, 2009

Psychotherapist Blows Whistle On Poor Care For Marines

This is just inexcusable:
A civilian psychiatrist says Marines treated at Camp Lejeune had to undergo treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder for nearly two years in temporary trailers where servicemen could hear bomb blasts, war cries and machine-gun fire.

Servicemen tell The Associated Press they had trouble focusing on their treatment. The military says it is looking into the complaints from Dr. Kernan Manion. He says he was fired after complaining about conditions at the base.

Manion says his patients were disturbed by shouting Marines who trained nearby.

Officials said good care is provided and artillery fire can be heard nearly anywhere on the base.

Officials said the eight trailers were used until a permanent clinic was finished in September.

This is what happens when you don't listen to the people that know what they are talking about, and not just being a good parrot.

Thank God we got rid of the previous administration and let us hope that no one like them ever gains power again.

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