Friday, March 11, 2011

Scott Fitzgerald's Major Credibility Problem

We already know from the course of events this week that Scott Fitzgerald, Senate Majority Leader, is not a trustworthy fellow and is an embarrassment to this state.

But you know you have some major, big time credibility problems when you can't even get Fox News to feed into your malarkey.  Fitzgerald went on the air and whined that it was President Barack Obama who is behind the recalls of his fellow Republican senators.  His proof: Senator Darling's recall papers were filed by a...(gasp!)...a liberal!  Not even the Faux News believed him:

Kelly challenged Walker on the claim of linkage -- saying that there is a distinction between saying that people who support Obama are behind the recalls, and that the White House itself would be involved.
As she said later in the conversation: "Well there's no question that, you know, the White House would like to see -- I think there's no question -- would like to see your side lose this battle. They've come out and spoken on behalf of the unions, saying that you're trying to assault them with these policies and so on. I don't think that's really much in dispute about what side the White House, you know, ideologically is aligned with. 
"But you came out with an allegation that the White House is behind the effort to recall these Republican senators. And I gotta tell you, sir, listening to you here, it doesn't sound like you have the evidence of that. I mean, a guy, somebody from MoveOn, who is involved with Obama's re-election push. I mean, shoot, that'sall of MoveOn. That's not the White House, that's MoveOn."
It can cause one to wonder if Fitzgerald is just a terrible liar or if he is suffering from sort of paranoia.  Well, rest assured, he's just a terrible liar.

But he does betray his best bud, Scott Walker, the Weasel King, by revealing the real reason behind their mockery of democracy:
Also getting a lot of talk is a statement Fitzgerald made to Fox on Wednesday about the political payoff for undercutting union power.

"If we win this battle, and the money is not there under the auspices of the union, what you're going to find is President Obama's going to have a much more difficult time getting elected and winning the state of Wisconsin."
There is no budget crisis and their whole intent of this charade was not to fix this imaginary budget problem. It was simply a clumsy and brutal attempt to secure long term control of the state.

Sadly for them, they underestimated the power of solidarity and our love for freedom and our rights.

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