Monday, March 21, 2011

All Must Give Some -- Unless You're Scott Fitzgerald

The Republicans like to tell us how broke the state supposedly is and how all of us must do our part to bring it back to what they laughingly call fiscal stability.  (I guess the whole job thing went out the window a while back and it is questionable if it will ever return.)  They use this make believe fiscal crisis as an excuse to attack the working men and women of this state and have taken actions that could cost the state tens of thousands of jobs.

But apparently not everyone has to take their fair share of the pain coming down on us.  Scott Fitzgerald doesn't have to, that's for sure.

Fitzgerald, with his wife, own 73.5 acres of land, with 63.5 acres of it classified as agricultural, just because he owns a horse:

Is it any wonder that the Republicans were in such a hot hurry to extend the agriculture tax credits that are set to expire?  When will Fitz feel the pain that he wants to inflict on the rest of us?

H/T Defending Wisconsin PAC

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