Saturday, March 12, 2011

Walker Misses The Woods For The Trees

Got to give it to Scott Walker.  He's blindly persistent if nothing else.

For example, tonight Walker joined reality TV star Sean Duffy for a fund raiser up at John's Steak Pit in Washburn, WI.  Now mind you, Washburn is just one of Wisconsin's many small towns, with a population of just over a couple thousand.  The Steak Pit sits only a couple of hundred of people, which probably isn't as much as could be held at the neighboring Super 8 Motel.

But true to his nature, Walker boldly tweets that the place is just packed!

Pretty amazing, all right.

Only problem is Walker forgets to mention a couple of things.

One, the crowd outside, protesting his unethical and unjust power grab and attack on the middle class, was at least as big, if not bigger:
Hundreds of angry Wisconsin residents rallied in Washburn this afternoon in advance of Gov. Scott Walker’s visit to a Republican Lincoln Day dinner. 
State Rep. Nick Milroy, D-Superior, roused the crowd as he shouted, “Scott Walker and his cronies will stop at nothing to further his radical agenda, and we’re not going to put up with it.” 
As Milroy finished speaking about 4:30 p.m., the crowd dispersed from behind Stage North to walk two blocks up to the Steak Pit, where Republicans were starting to gather for the invitation-only event. Signs on state Highway 13 leading into Washburn greeted the governor with sentiments such as “Recall Walker” and “Shame on You Gov. Walker.” 
Nearly everyone in the crowd was carrying signs including ones saying, “Take the Power Back Revolution” and “Out, Damned Scott, Out I Say.” 
A sign on the back of a vehicle on Highway 13 was addressed to U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, who is also expected to be at the Lincoln Day event. It said, “Hey Sean, You Had Support Among Us. Had!”
And then, if Walker was back in Madison, where he is supposed to be, he might have noticed a crows that I'm sure his Department of Administration would have called two dozen people, tops:

If he somehow manages to avoid a recall, the way he's going, I wouldn't be surprised to see him pull a Sarah Palin and bail out early.  I also wouldn't be surprised if his fellow Republicans start shunning him, like his protege Jeff Stone is starting to do.


  1. Our local count in Washburn was over 2000 people attending...

  2. Oh no, it was at LEAST half a million. The town of Washburn has sunk to several feet below sea level now as a result of the weight. People really love Scott Walker

  3. Scott Walker: George Bush without the brain.